Campaign to ‘stop changes to the Race Discrimination Act’ gains momentum

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A ground swell is building up as a barrage of emphatic ‘no’s to the Government’s changes to the Race Discrimination Act.

By end of June,100-150 local councils Australia-wide have or will be taking a stand against bigotry by passing a motion opposing the changes to the Race Discrimination Act. Project 18C is waging the Go Local campaign, urging local councils nationwide to tell the Attorney General, that Australia says no to the changes. This projects a representation of over 5 million constituents so far.

Project 18C was initiated by Erin Chew and Kingsley Liu, advocates who have been informing and educating the community since late 2013, on the ramifications of these legislative changes. The Facebook site would be rated as the most comprehensive news feed in Australia on 18C.

Erin is former Blacktown Woman of the Year and is on the board of BPW, and Kingsley Liu is a former ASX member and operates his law firm called The Peoples Solicitors. Using social media as Action 18C, the Go Local campaign was born with supporters across the nation contacting their local council and presenting them with a Go Local package, which includes the motion template and instructions.

As the debate heats up in Federal Parliament, and community groups have submitted their concerns to the Attorney General’s department by the April 30 deadline, there is a need to express the issue at the local grassroots level, as a valuable complement to the Federal government consultation process

Project 18C says that each local council represents thousands of constituents and is the effective collection for community feedback. Will the Attorney General and the Federal Government maintain its support with these proposed changes in the face of the number of increasing local councils who are passing their own motions day by day?

Action 18C would like to see all Australians voice their view on these changes.  Erin or Kingsley can be contacted on or call 0402917082 to receive the Go Local package. All it takes is one person to reach a councillor to table and propose the motion at their monthly ordinary council meeting.

Action 18C and Project 18C are at and

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