‘Bollywood’s unique approach to film-making, makes it exceptional: Vikrant Kishore’

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The song Mahiya Aa Bhi Jaa/Come Back my Beloved is a mix of Sufi and Bollywood soft ballad style, performed in Hindi language.

Mahiya Aa Bhi Jaa is a Staff-Student collaborative project made as a part of the Create 2308 Festival, UoN.

The concept of the music video roughly follows the lyrics, where a female protagonist is thinking of her lover, the dance represents the conflict in her mind. The background dancers represent what her mind is telling her, to not to fall into the trap of love and ruin her life; while her heart is telling her that she should leave everything and simply wait for her love…
The music video represents the angst of a torn lover; who understands that she has been betrayed, but yet longs for that pure love…. and here she equates her love with the God…

Executive Producer: Susan Kerrigan & Vikrant Kishore
Directed & Edited by Vikrant Kishore

The song has been especially made for this project under Vikrant-Arvind Bollywoodised Music Project.

Music Director: Arvind Kumar & Nripanshu Shekhar
Singer: Sarnali Bhowmick
Lyrics: Pankaj Dharohar & Vikrant Kishore

Performer: Kirti Sehrawat, Adriana Sung, Carly Parsons, Jeniffer Burke, Danielle Hagan, Alexandra Hernando, Madeline Larsen.

Crew: Josh King, Bradley Martin, Louisa Magrics, Sasha Zajac, Emily Kennett, Jena Bradley, Dylan Smith, Phillip Dujin, Joe Roach, Josephine Ronne, Daniel Sparrow, Matt Evans, Paul Whiteford, Michael Mellick, Dane Pittard.

Choreographer: Shwetambra Barar Tandon.

All the copyright for music and video exclusively belongs to Vikrant Kishore & Susan Kerrigan.


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