Bollywood strengthening ‘Indo-Aus’ ties: Dr Vikrant Kishore

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Newcastle is all set to hold a major Bollywood 101 Film festival and an International Conference on “Bollywood and It’s others” on February 20th and 21st , 2014.

Bollywood has always attracted the fancy of the people as it is the largest film producer in India. It is a globalized cultural industry, cinema of attractions and the most fascinating film industry of the world packaged with romance, melodrama, action, costumes, songs and dance extravaganzas. It is one of the largest centres of film productions in the world and now Bollywood has established itself as a brand which represents ‘anything and everything’ Indian.

“The film screening is a celebration of Bollywood cinema in Newcastle and the academic conference will explore Bollywood as a globalized cultural industry that has transcended the confines of India”, says convener   Dr Vikrnat Kishore.

Currently based in Newcastle, Dr Kishore is working at the University of Newcastle as a Lecturer-Communication and Media Production and Course Coordinator (Music Video) in the Bachelor of Communication.

He has been associated as a lecturer, filmmaker, photographer, news correspondent and media consultant with various institutes and organizations like Channel 7, Deakin University-Australia, December Films, ABC Channel (Australia), Channel 31, Delhi University, ZEE TV, ZEE NEWS, BRAMWEL-DRACHE, Delhi Press, Heuschen & Schrouff (Netherlands) and Imaginations Ink (USA).

Dr. Kishore has more than 25 documentaries, and corporate films to his credit and his area of expertise are Bollywood Films, the folk and tribal culture of Eastern India, as well as the issues of caste politics in India. His documentaries on ‘Chhau Dance’ have been screened in various international film festivals.

Vikrant is very passionate to promote Bollywood and is incessantly involved in taking new initiatives to support the Bollywood industry here in Australia and ‘Bollywood Film festival and Conference’ is one of such initiatives.

“Last year the HCIT (The Hunter Creative Industries and Technology Centre) was introduced in the Newcastle University. We have established a Bollywood unit in it, so we are trying to involve Bollywood where ever we get chance,” tells Dr Vikrant Kishore.

“We need to make a special place for Bollywood here. Even though it is so famous, but it has never been a subject of study, so we want to provide an understanding about Bollywood through this conference,” says Vikrant Kishore.

While informing about the two days Bollywood event at Newcastle University Vikrant says, “It is first of its type of conference being held at Newcastle University and it is unique because of its theme. The conference will be very insightful and informative as there will be discussions on various aspects of Bollywood,” says Dr Vikrant Kishore.

“The objective of the conference is to re-evaluate the standard received versions of cinematic history and to re-think various formations in the industry which have achieved normative status,” he adds.

“Bollywood formally is referred to as Hindi cinema; however, it is only a part of the total Indian film industry, which includes other production centres producing films in multiple languages. Our focus is not only to promote Bollywood films but to give equal importance to independent films, documentaries, regional films and Bollywood films”, he says.

“Only last year we celebrated 100 years of Indian cinema, so the film festival and conference will also highlight how important Bollywood industry is and its contributions in last 100 years”, says Vikrant Kishore.

“This conference is not only an academic discussion but also an attempt to bring the professionals from the media  industry alongside with the academics  on a platform where they can exchange their views  and that is the reason people from different backgrounds will be a part of it,” he adds.

Speaking about Bollywood connection with Australia, Dr Vikrnat Kishore says, “Australian government is endorsing Bollywood industry and the government is hopeful that Bollywood will act as a bridge between both the countries further strengthening their relations. Through this festival, we are aiming to find some way where Indian –Australia film industry could do more joint ventures,” he says.

“I am really very happy as the response is overwhelming. We have received more than 50 papers for this conference which really is a good number. Even people from India are also joining us for the event.  We are also thinking to come out with a book based on outcome of the conference,” informs Vikrant.

“This is the first time we are holding such an event in the Newcastle University but we are hopeful that soon it will be a regular annual event in the University,” adds Vikrant.




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