Baird should follow Queensland and allow cheaper electricity

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The NSW Opposition is calling on the Baird Government to follow the Queensland Premier’s lead to force electricity suppliers to drop their prices .

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has directed the network companies not to appeal an Australian Energy Regulator’s determination that will see more than $2.7 billion stay in consumers’ pockets.

Premier Palaszczuk took the action to put a stop to the years of “painful power price increases” that took place under Campbell Newman’s ousted government.

In contrast, Premier Mike Baird is backing higher power prices for families and small businesses by launching a legal appeal against the regulator’s decision to lower power prices in NSW.

Under the AER’s determination earlier this year, households across NSW were set to receive an average bill reduction of between $106 to $313 per year, and small business reductions of up to $528 per annum.

Yet Premier Baird has spent more than $2 million in legal fees to challenge that determination because a higher electricity price for families means he will get a higher sale price for Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy.

When asked in the NSW Parliament whether he would follow the Queensland Premier’s lead Premier Baird failed to answer the question.

“Premier Baird should be backing lower prices for households and families but as he is proceeding with the sale of the NSW electricity companies he wants higher electricity prices, “said NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley.

“The regulator, the independent arbiter, found that NSW consumers should get relief from high prices but the Baird Government is standing in the way of savings of more than $6 billion,” he added.

“Mike Baird should respect the system, withdraw his legal challenge and let the price cuts stand,” he said.


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