Baird fails to oppose Abbott’s petrol and GP taxes

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The NSW Opposition has slammed Premier Mike Baird for failing to stand up for NSW households after refusing to rule out a GST increase to pay for the Liberals’ $25 billion cuts to NSW hospitals and schools announced in the budget this week.

Baird’s embrace of the GST puts him widely at odds with the Victorian and Queensland Liberal Governments which have blasted Canberra for using the budget as a wedge to deliver a rise in the GST.

In Question Time yesterday, Baird also refused to state his opposition to the Abbott Government’s $7 GP tax and new tax on motorists at the petrol bowser.

“Mike Baird’s stance on the Federal Budget has been one of phoney opposition from start to finish,” NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson said.

“The first item of business for Mike Baird’s meeting with state and territory leaders on Sunday must be to rule out increasing the GST to pay for the Liberal cuts to education and health.

“Campbell Newman has warned Canberra against using the GST as a wedge.

“Dennis Napthine had an angry phone call with the Prime Minister this morning.

“Yet Mike Baird has consistently refused to rule out an increase to the GST.

“The Premier made no attempt to lobby on behalf of NSW schools and hospitals before the Budget because he has always been looking for an excuse to raise the GST.

“Baird won’t even state his opposition to the Abbott Government’s petrol tax and $7 GP tax.

“He is crying crocodile tears over the Federal Budget.

“A Premier who was genuinely angry on behalf of NSW households would rule out increasing the GST and demand that all these new taxes be abandoned immediately.”

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