Australia Day : Australians celebrate ‘Cultural diversity’

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‘Australia Day’ is a day to celebrate the national diversity, its people and its multicultural values, so this day is significant for Australians. The meaning of Australia day has evolved over time and the date 26th January has also been variously named as”Anniversary Day”, “Foundation Day”, and “ANA Day.

This day has been marked as ‘Mourning’ day by Indigenous Australians and they sometime refer this day as ‘Invasion day’ or ‘Survival Day’, so everyone describes Australia day- 26th January, differently.


Here is what people from different faiths and ethical backgrounds have to say about Australia Day…

Julian Leeser

“I am enormously proud to be an Australian. I believe our country brings together the best elements from around the world. I’m proud of Australia Day and I don’t want it to change. Australia Day is a day to celebrate our achievements as a nation, to reflect on the extraordinary privilege of Australian citizenship and to ask ourselves what will we each do over the coming year to ensure our country continues to be the best place in the world.”

“Australia is one of the world’s oldest continuous democracies. Despite its small population size and geographic isolation, it is one of the most successful and most livable countries on earth.”

“The Australian Story is one of struggle and ultimate success against the elements and against the odds.  It is a country that has allowed people from all four corners of the Earth to come and make it their home while maintaining Australia’s own distinctive traditions and identity.”

“I encourage all Australians to be active and passionate citizens and to contribute to our nation, striving to create opportunities for their family, their community and the broader nation while appreciating and preserving the democratic freedoms we cherish.”

Manu Spartan Singh

For me this day marks double celebrations .

Being Indian we celebrate our Republic Day on January 26 and being Australian it is a day to celebrate the Foundation of this country as ‘Australia Day’.

I am part of this country and Australia Day celebrations means a lot to me. Australia being a multicultural country is now a home of thousands of migrants from all over the world who come altogether and celebrate the rich heritage of this country on Australia Day and I am proud to be one of them.

Aisha Amjad

What I love about the 26th of January is not just the celebration of this great nation, but the celebration of becoming an Australian for so many migrants. Tomorrow about 16,000 people will pledge their patriotism and become Australian citizens.

Interestingly, according to a recent poll by the National Australia Day Council, recent migrants topped the list of those most likely to partake in celebrations of Australia Day. Eight in 10 Australians who have lived in Australia for 20 years or less participate in Australia Day compared with two thirds of the total population.

Australia is dynamic because of its diversity, and especially when we celebrate that immigration is a blessing, not a burden.

The fact that we have welcomed and embraced this diversity while developing an economically and socially vibrant society is a credit to the nation and a credit to us all.

For me, and many others, it is a day to celebrate the spirit of being Australian. It is about acknowledging and appreciating what makes our country great, the things that we value and the way of life that we share.

For many tomorrow will be the start of a beautiful beginning, and for others, a special celebration of their joyous journey in the land of the fair go. But the best thing about Australia day is how people from all races, religions, communities and cultures come together to share their pride and privilege of living in one of the best countries in the world.

As the last lines in our National Anthem sums it up:

For those who’ve come across the seas

We’ve boundless plains to share;

With courage let us all combine

To Advance Australia Fair.

Dushi Kalhari

Australia is a multicultural and multi-ethnic country where people who came from all over the world, simply live in harmony with each other. Shielded by immense green forests, where the favorable climate changes throughout the year, it reminds us of our motherland, Sri Lanka.

In Sri Lanka, many races and religions co-exist in the same neighborhood, where majority Sinhalese live peaceably with Tamils, Muslims, and Malay as well as Catholics, Hindus and Islamic minorities have been living among the majority Buddhists for hundreds of years.

Since we were born and raised in a country like that, it was quite easy for us to adapt to the Australian way of life. We understood that Australia is the home for thousands of other migrants who are from all over the world with numbers of faiths. So as we are adjusting to the life in Australia, we were able to build good relationships with people from different cultural backgrounds, accept and admire the cultural differences. Today we embrace Australia as our home and celebrate the Australian Day with fellow Australians! Happy Australian Day to everyone!

Parveen Gupta

I take pride in being Indian –Australian and celebrating 26 January as Republic Day of India and Foundation Day of Australia. 26 January is a special day in India and Australia

Australia Day marks the anniversary of the First Fleet’s arrival at Port Jackson (which includes Sydney Harbour) in 1788. In 1838, Foundation Day was Australia’s first public holiday.

It is day for all the Australians to celebrate everything that is great about Australia .Being the Australians from Indian heritage; we celebrate India’s Republic Day and Australia’s Foundation Day on January 26 every year.

As it a public holiday so celebrations run throughout the day and everyone celebrates the day in their own way.

For Australians it is a day to celebrate their country and culture. Many citizenship ceremonies are held on Australia Day. There are ceremonies to welcome immigrants to the country by granting them Australian citizenship and these ceremonies have a festive atmosphere as well, so festivity is everywhere.





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