ATF organised Vanabhojanalu

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With over 150 participants, ATF-Vanabhojanalu (Picnic in Forest) brought all Sydney siders originated from Telangana state together. ATF organized this outstanding event at Cattai National Park on April 13, 2014.

Vanabhojanalu is a forest picnic where people of a community share their happiness. During Vanabhojanalu all people prepare food together. They play games and enjoy the atmosphere of garden or park or forest.

It was a full day event which started at 8 AM   with a delicious breakfast  including ‘Upma’ and other prepared items. Special lunch was served with Biryani, Chicken curry, Mutton curry, Tomato Chaaru (tomato soup), curd raita etc prepared by Jaipal, Ravikanth Veeraiahgari and others.

In the evening, tea was prepared by Someshwar and others. Everyone appreciated Jaipal and Ravikanth for the overall food arrangements.

Ladies played volleyball, and fun games like ‘Lemon spoon’ game and others led by Nirupama Katikaneni.

Children also played various games including lemon spoon game, three legged game, volleyball and race.

All children games were planned and organized by Youth Secretary Monica Veeraiahgari. Male members enjoyed playing social cricket, Volleyball and discussing politics and elections   and the forthcoming Telangana State.

Sandhya Reddy Karri led the auction of the remaining groceries left out. It was fun filled activity. All appreciated Sandhya for taking this initiative.

At the end all participants congratulated President Madhav Katikaneni and  General Secretary Venkata Prasad Ragipani and their team for this outstanding  success of event. The event concluded at 5.00 PM .


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