ATF held health seminar

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To educate the society about the health matters, ATF orgnaised a seminar at Toongabbie community centre on March 9. About 35 people participated in the seminar and learnt about the health issues in this 3 hours long seminar which started at 4:30 PM.

Dr Yadu Singh, Sydney based renowned Cardiologist while speaking on the occasion emphasized on the importance of a healthy heart.

He outlined the risk factors which predispose people for a Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction). He talked about the importance of age, gender, Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Smoking/tobacco use, family history of Heart disease and sedentary life style, which can make people prone for heart attacks.

He described how risk of a Heart attack can be reduced if risk factors are managed appropriately. Prevention is always a better strategy. He stressed that people should visit their GP regularly to have their heart check-up as well as general health check-ups. He cautioned people to not self-diagnose.

Let people with training do the diagnosis and treatment, when anyone starts experiencing Chest pain or other cardiac symptoms.

He said that delay in seeking medical help can be very harmful, and even fatal.

Dr Singh also explained how poor diet, inadequate physical activities and stress can play a significant role in causing heart diseases.

Dr Singh also took questions from the floor.

Dr.Shwetali Pedlikar, a Sydney based renowned Dentist also spoke about the “Oral Hygiene and care”.

She explained about the common dental problems like Dental caries and periodontal disease, symptoms and preventive strategies.

Joint Secretary of ATF, Hanmanth Reddy Marikanti thanked all the participants for making this event great success.

Every one appreciated President Madhav Katikaneni for overall coordination and communicating. All got information about forth coming events Vanabhojanam-feast in the forest and ATF Telangana Premiere League-Cricket match which are scheduled in April 2014.

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