‘ATF expresses gratitude for passing Telangana Bill’

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Sydney siders originated from Telangana shared joys and celebrated with holi colours on February 24, 2014 as the Indian Parliament passed the ‘Telangana’ Bill to form 29th Indian State of “Telangana”.

All the members of ATF welcomed the decision of Indian Government. ATF celebration started their event with lighting of lamp and ATF members’ also payed homage to martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the noble cause.

Telangana crossed a major hurdle on the route to becoming India’s 29th state with Parliament approving the bill to divide Andhra Pradesh in the face of repeated adjournments and continuous disruptions and sloganeering.

The Indian Government announced creation of Telangana state after both houses of Indian parliament passed the Telangana state hood bill on Feb 20, 2014 with extensive consultations of all major political parties.

Political jockeying over Telangana has seen the pendulum swing wildly with Congress’s indecision putting the statehood proposal on the back burner, until the wheel turned afresh in last few months.

The announcement about Telangana follows a 60-year campaign for its creation. People from Telangana region are against merger to Andhra Pradesh state based on Telugu speaking background (Linguistics basis) back in 1956 from former princely state of Hyderabad.

Since then this resource rich region has faced years of neglect by the state government headed by Andhra Pradesh political leadership.

More than 1200 youth sacrificed their lives as they lost confidence on a 56-year campaign for creation of statehood.

ATF congratulated Telangana people living in Australia and across globe.

Australian Telangana Forum expressed that this decision will make the Telgu community much stronger and prosperous in both states.


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