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Whether you have an hour to groom for a party or just few minutes, our beauty experts have the ultimate roundup of quick tricks and tips. Make your gloss multitask, perfect your complexion and enhance your beauty without spending much.


Here are the few answers and explanations from our beauty expert – Inderpreet Kaur from Beauty Monks.

Q. My dark circles are increasing day by day. What can I do to control or reduce them?

A. There are many reasons which lead to dark circles from dietary imbalances to heredity. Major contributory factors are stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy diet; dry skin, ageing or sometimes you are genetically prone to dark circles. Mostly, people choose to hide their dark circles with a concealer. However, using a good eye cream, de-stressing, sleeping well, and healthy choice of meals are few the best solutions.

A quick fix:

Take 1 tablespoon of milk powder, 1/2 tablespoon of potato juice, 1 drop of lemon juice and 2 drops of almond oil and mix well. Apply for 10-15 minutes and wash off with cold water and notice the difference.

Q.  My cousin’s wedding is in mid-march. I am 21, don’t want to opt for buns. Can you please share few easy yet modish Indian hairstyles?

A. Hair colors especially bold lustrous hair colors like flamboyant red with bright hue are in vogue lately.


Braiding in all modifications provides a refined twist. Braids from French to Fishtail braids all are trending. Karishma Kapoor added interest by pulling off a messy fishtail braid.

Open Waves- Sonam Kapoor finished off her look with messy waves all through. Letting your hair down charms the face and a big ‘tikka’ enhances your beauty.

Retro is the newest wrinkle. Retro hairdos are always high glam and Kangana Ranaut knows how to update them according to the latest trend. Draped in a Saree, Kangana looked perfect in her retro avatar with her perfectly set front hair, leaving the natural curly ends delicately caressing her glossy back.

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