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Are you clueless about your skin type, well you are not alone. If you want to take good care of your skin, one of the basic things you require is to know your skin type.

While many feel that they understand their skin, experts say that getting the help of a skincare professional or dermatologist is a must to determine it.

Our Beauty Expert- Inderpreet Kaur  from ‘BeautyMonks’ receives lots of queries related to skin-care and right usage of make-up products. Here are the few answers and explanations from Inderpreet Kaur which will help to solve your cosmetic conundrums .

Q.What can I do to prepare my skin for makeup?

A. Here is a basic regime which you should follow for makeup:

  • Always moisturize your face and neck as the moisturizer acts as a barrier thus preventing direct contact with the skin.
  • Use a sunscreen to save your skin from harmful sun rays
  • Never skip Primer application. It evens out the skin and improves longevity of makeup by preparing a background for foundation to stick better.


Q. How can I choose the right foundation for me?

A. Choosing the right foundation is one of the key components which dominate the makeup. Five decisive factors which we should keep in mind while choosing the foundation are:

  • Skin type – normal, dry, oily or combination.
  • Desired finish – natural, matte or bright/radiant.
  • Desired coverage – sheer, medium or full.
  • Skin tone- you should determine your basic skin tone varying from fair to medium to deep or very deep.
  • Undertone – this is the most complicated bit. Undertone means the second most predominant color in your skin after your basic skin tone. Most common undertones are warm, cool or neutral undertones

Q. My skin is very oily. Do I need to apply a moisturizer?

A. Moisturizer is a must, but you have to choose the moisturizer carefully keeping in mind your skin type. Many people with oily skin do not moisturize their skin, thinking it will make their skin shinier and oilier. But, skipping moisturizer from your daily skincare routine stimulates the production of sebum (oil from sebaceous glands) secretion. Ultimately, this leads to increased breakouts.
You must go for a water-based moisturizer to maintain hydrated and nourished skin.

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