National Disability Insurance Scheme enters next phase in NSW

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The Home Care Service of NSW is about to be shifted in the non-government sector, as part of the next phase of the NDIS rollout in NSW.

The Home Care Service of NSW currently provides support to older people and people with disabilities across NSW. Under the latest phase of National Disability Insurance Scheme implementation, the NSW Government-run Home Care Service will transition into the non-government sector.

Minister for Ageing and Minister for Disability Services John Ajaka said that increased disability services funding under the NDIS will ensure the long term sustainability of these vital services. The NDIS will also give people with disability greater choice and control over their support.

“The Home Care Service needs to be able to continue to provide quality support to older people and people with disability across NSW as changes to the aged care and disability support systems occur, Ajaka said.

He added, “When the NDIS is fully implemented in 2018, funding for disability services in NSW will more than double and will support over 140,000 people with disability”.

Ajaka described the NDIS as “a once in a generation social reform” and said the Government will continue to work with staff and unions on how to best support workers and clients throughout the transition. Mr Ajaka also highlighted the NDIS NSW Enabling Act as evidence of the Government’s commitment to protecting the entitlements of workers and their conditions.

The full-transition of Home Care is expected to be completed by mid-next year.

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