Don’t be a tool – Tips to stay safe with DIY

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NSW Fair Trading Minister, Matthew Mason-Cox, urged ‘do-it-yourself’ enthusiasts to proceed with caution when doing work around the home or under their vehicle this Father’s Day.

“DIY gadgets are popular purchases for Father’s Day and many dads, me included, will be tempted to try out the new gadgets and do maintenance and improvements around the home,” Mason-Cox said.

“But the reality is that simple DIY jobs like pruning, cleaning out gutters and painting a ceiling can end in disaster.

“Around 1300 men are hospitalised every year across Australia due to ladder injuries alone.

“This Father’s Day, NSW Fair Trading is working with its state and territory counterparts to promote the ‘Don’t Be a Tool’national campaign, which is aimed at reminding consumers, especially men, to take extra care when doing DIY work around the home or under their vehicle.

“The initiative also offers a few strategies that can help avoid accidents and injuries.

“Before starting any DIY job, plan your work and know what equipment and skills you need to do the job properly and safely.

“Use a licensed electrician for all electrical work and repairs – never try to do electrical work yourself.’’

Mason-Cox said people with a DIY interest in cars should also exercise caution.

“Don’t work under a car that is only supported by a jack, as there’s a very real chance the car will fall and crush you,’’ he said. “Around 160 people experience fracture and crush injuries in relation to car jacks each year.

“Following these simple tips can prevent death and serious injury to you and those around you”.

“Be aware of your capabilities and know what DIY work can be safely done.  Remember some DIY jobs are best left to the experts.”


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