Sahil Phull spreading awareness about ‘voting’ at busy ‘Juhu’ signal

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To disseminate the  message of ‘Right to vote’ and to make more and more people aware about their power of vote, actor Sahil Phull  is running a  very special campaign  on the  busiest Juhu Signal, Mumbai .


Sahil’s 10  days long campaign, “Please Vote and Win a Trip to Better India’ which started on 14 th April aims at sending a message to the people to  come out and vote .  The campaign is an initiative to inspire Indian citizens and make voters aware to realize value of their invaluable vote for strengthening democracy and to increase the voting percentage in the city.

From 10:30 Am  till 7 PM   Sahil Phull  stands in the scorching heat at the busy Juhu  signal displaying  boards in his hand  and  appealing  voters to realise their power of vote . Through his campaign he intends to change the mind set of those who don’t vote.

Sahil is not having affiliation with any political party and his sole motive behind this campaign is to  raise awareness among the people and to make them realise that their vote  can make a difference.

He remained  in Australia  for a long time  and recently moved to India  to explore a  career in acting.

About this campaign Sahil says, “I am not promoting any political party or person. My only agenda is to contribute to the society and try my best to reach people out there which may affect the number of people voting”.

“I am running this campaign with a motive to reach and urge people to vote and that is why I chose Juhu signal as it is always busy and so I can reach maximum number of people”.

“It was not at all easy for me but I am happy that the response is really positive and I am sure it will bring a difference”, adds Sahil.

“During my campaign, I asked more than 100 people  about, “what do they think about the vote”. 6 out 10 people replied that they don’t think that their vote can make any difference.  People don’t vote as they think that neither their vote nor their elected candidate will bring any change to system. But I believe, in spite of cursing the politicians, when  the government gives  us a chance to bring a change, we should avail that chance by  casting our vote and electing a person whom we think can work for the betterment of the society”, adds Sahil.

“I think the baddies in politics already have their vote banks and they  want other people not to cast their vote which in turn helps them to win because of their vote banks. So unintentionally non voters are pretty much responsible and involved in electing the wrong candidates.

He further said that provision should be made to  create  awareness among the  people about their voting rights and  chapters on “voting rights” should be included in  curriculum.

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