Anjana Regmi: A role model for the migrant women

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Generally it is very difficult for a working woman to maintain a balance between social and   personal life along with working for the community, but there are few extraordinary personalities which despite  all the odds maintain healthy work-life balance and are very active in community works as well.  One such  example is Anjana Regmi.

Hailing from Nepal, this enthusiastic woman has carved a niche for herself in Australia as one of the leading social movement advocate, human rights activist and a researcher.

She has many feathers to her cap. Regmi is the first female gold medallist of Nepal to receive Princess Jayanti Shah Achievement Award for her academic excellence in Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management.

In 2006, Anjana was awarded with the Tribhuvan University Gold Medal for her academic excellence in Women’s Studies Program. Same year she was also awarded with Free Student Union’s President Award, a post degree scholarship award, for completing Master in Sociology with a highest percentage and being the university topper in Nepal.

In 2007, she was awarded with UTS Best Graduating Student of the year, for which she was also awarded with the Best Graduating Students of the year by Non-Residential Nepalese Association in Australia.

She mainly volunteers and participates in activities to support the elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence against women.

Anjana holds a degree of  Masters in Sociology (Research and Gender), PG Diploma -Women’s Studies (Research and Gender), MBus (HRM and General Management) and is presently doing PhD (Volunteering  Management).

“ I started my research career as early as an Undergraduate student, but  later developed my research skills further by voluntarily participating on research projects focusing on numerous women’s empowerment projects and social taboos in Nepal. Few of  my major research projects with the international research team are published in Sage, world’s 5th largest international journal publisher; this was while working with Anti-Trafficking and Basic Health Cooperative (ABC/Nepal), a pioneer organisation working with people living with HIV/AIDS and human trafficking survivors,” says Anjana.

“Currently as a PhD student at University of Technology Sydney,   I am researching on volunteering motivations, recruitment and retention strategies in non-western context.  My interests mainly lies in policy analysis and reform through research on human rights and social movement”, said Anjana Regmi.

Besides this, Anjana is very well renowned and recognised for volunteering and advocating policy reforms followed by non-published researches on a social movement of single women (widows) in Nepal.

Anjana  is also a recipient of the UTS Creative Media Social Justice Award 2007 for volunteering within the creative production of the WHR- produced documentary, Born Again.

Over the period of 15 years of her professional career Anjana has worked with large corporate chains,  recruitment companies, large charity organisations, local government, and educational institutions in various capacities.

She is a keen researcher who enjoys networking with proactive multicultural ethnic migrant community organisations/ leaders/ members; to be challenged with community issues and agendas that require policy advocacy, and facilitation in developing empowerment strategies and frameworks.

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