Abhinay to present ‘Abhinay Shorts – Festival of multilingual plays’ on November 9

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The stage is all set for the most entertaining theatre act of short plays, ‘Abhinay Shorts’, an array of plays with a wide range of subjects  scheduled to be held on November 9.

This festival will showcase theatrical works, ten minutes each​ and draws producers, critics, playwrights, and theatre lovers from a wider society.

Abhinay Shorts is basically a festival of short plays with most exciting actors, writers, directors displaying their work.

Abhinay Shorts is a banquet of various emotions   and will be held at Shopfront Theatre, 88 Carlton Parade and Carlton from 5pm to 7:30 pm. The festival will showcase plays in three languages, mainly​  in English and one each in Hindi and Punjabi.

Eminent writers like Alex Broun, Pete Malicki, Donatella Parise , Cindy Neilson , Neena Badhwar, ​Sukhpreet Dhamoon are a part of the Abhinay Shorts.

Abhinay School of Performing Arts is providing opportunities to many new artists in this festival.

Miss India Australia 2013 Zenia Starr is performing in the Abhinay Shorts. Along with Tania and Sunil Datwani ​ who are all set to make their debut in this festival.   Gurvinder is coming all the way from Adelaide to participate in the festival  and Donatella Parise, writer of Mahila is coming from Griffith to attend the event.​

Alex Broun will be presenting ‘ While you were sleeping’.   Written by Alex Broun , it is an English play directed by Aishveryaa Nidhi and will feature Zenia Starr, Sunil Datwani, Tania Starr and Aishveryaa Nidhi.

Alex Broun, is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and Rugby journalist who has worked extensively with Short+Sweet, the world’s largest ten-minute theatre festival is a part of the festival. He is world’s number one playwright for writing ten minute plays​.

Mahila, (English), written by Donatella Parise, Directed by Aishveryaa Nidhi  will be  featuring Tania Starr and Aaron Scully.

Check Out (English), written by Pete Malicki, directed by Yannick Lawry  will feature Katie Lees.

​Katie Lees is winner of Best Actress, Short+Sweet, Chennai 2014.

“We are honoured to present this interesting monologue written by none other than the master of monologues Pete Malicki​ and performed by one of the best actresses of 2014”,said Aishveryaa Nidhi , Artistic Director of Abhinay School of Performing Arts.

Toa (Punjabi) ,  written by Gurvinder Singh, directed by  Aishveryaa Nidhi and Gurvinder Singh will feature Gurvinder Singh, Raj Singh, Suresh Makkar, Dave Passi, Tek Bareja, Pam Singh,  Pratick Tanna,  Ravi Chanana and  Shourya Nidhi

Oh! India (English) , written by Cindy Neilson, directed by Shourya Nidhi, Set – Peter Neilson  will feature Marcelle Weaver, Ravi Chanana  and Arnie Dhamoon. This play was second in Judge’s Choice and also Audience choice in Short+Sweet, Sydney 2014​

Dhalti Parchayian (Hindi) written and directed by Sukhpreet Dhamoon will feature Raj Dixit, Cheryl Khurana, Aishveryaa Nidhi and Naveen Dixit.

This play was winner of Best Play by Judge’s choice as well as audience​ choice at Indradhanush- Festival of short plays in 2011

The Kill (English), written by Alex Broun, Directed by Shourya Nidhi, will feature Pratick Tanna and  Shourya Nidhi.

​Quarantine (English) Written by Neena Badhwar, Directed by Aishveryaa Nidhi will feature Peter Adams, Aishveryaa Nidhi and Gurvinder Singh. This play was third in audience choice in Short+Sweet, Sydney .​

Neena Badhwar is the editor of The Indian Down Under newspaper first published in 1987.  Having trained under Play Guru Alex Broun Neena has by now written 11 plays in English and in Hindi. Three of her plays have been selected by Short & Sweet Theatre Festival. Next year her play ’36 Traits of Matchmaking’ will be staged also by short & Sweet Theatre Festival.

In all Abhinay Shorts is a complete entertainment package for the multicultural audience. So, theatre lovers get ready and  book your tickets for the most entertaining   theatre festival – Abhinay shorts at Shopfront Theatre, 88 Carlton Parade and Carlton from 5pm to 7:30 pm on November 9.

Abhinay to present ‘Abhinay Shorts – Festival of multilingual plays’ on November 9

Abhinay to present ‘Abhinay Shorts – Festival of multilingual plays’ on November 9

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