‘Abhinay Shorts’ much appreciated by multicultural audience

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Abhinay School of Performing Arts, a name well known for its outstanding contribution in the field of arts and culture, has delivered another successful event with the presentation of Abhinay Shorts.

Abhinay School is always upfront in promoting multiculturalism and connecting India with Australia through art and culture. Abhinay reaches out to the local community to engage them creatively in workshops, productions and festivals all delivered at a high quality standard.

Abhinay Shorts showcased theatrical works of multicultural artists.  The festival presented plays in three languages with one play each in Hindi and Punjabi and rest of the plays in English.

Abhinay Shorts presented an amalgam of multilingual plays for the multicultural audience of Australia. It was a highlight of the local cultural calendar and leaders of local government also attended the festival to acknowledge the work of the artists. It was a house full show which was appreciated by the audience.

Abhinay Shorts distinct itself by providing a platform to the multicultural artists where they highlighted various issues from India and Australia. Abhinay Shorts  fully displayed integration as a big part of Abhinay’s work as  it constantly and consistently brought together actors, writers and directors of  Indian and non-Indian backgrounds to create projects.

The plays at Abhinay Shorts festival highlighted the diverse issues and every play was unique in itself.

‘While you were sleeping’ written by Alex Broun and directed by Aishveryaa Nidhi featured Zenia Starr  (Miss India Australia 2013), Sunil Datwani, Tania Starr and Aishveryaa Nidhi.

Alex Broun, is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and Rugby journalist who has worked extensively with Short+Sweet, the world’s largest ten-minute theatre festival. He is world’s number one playwright for writing ten minute plays.

Zenia is an Australian based actress of Anglo-Indian heritage.  Her credits include multiple short films, commercials and web series and in feature films including Backyard Ashes (2013), My Cornerstone (2014) and Love you Krishna.

Mahila, (English), written by Donatella Parise, directed by Aishveryaa Nidhi featured Tania Starr and Aaron Scully.


Mahila is a story of a struggling actor and the uncertainty of life. Dona Parise, writer of Mahila has been writing for decades and her first play was produced in 1991. She has won many awards for her work and has over 100 scripts. Her plays have been performed in Australia, UK , Edinburgh , India and USA.

Check Out (a monologue) written by Pete Malicki, directed by Yannick Lawry featured Katie Lees is an award winning play. Katie Lees, actor of Checkout is an actor, singer and painter. She recently won the Best Actress at the Short and Sweet Festival in Chennai, India.

Pete Malicki – is an author, award-winning playwright , arts administrator , editor ,publisher  and writing teacher . He has had over 300 productions of 60 different plays in various countries.

“We are honoured to present this interesting monologue written by none other than the master of monologues Pete Malicki and performed by one of the best actresses of 2014”,said Aishveryaa Nidhi , Artistic Director of Abhinay School of Performing Arts.

Toa (Punjabi) ,  written by Gurvinder Singh, directed by  Aishveryaa Nidhi and Gurvinder Singh  featured Gurvinder Singh, Raj Singh, Suresh Makkar, Dave Passi, Tek Bareja, Pam Singh,  Pratick Tanna,  Ravi Chanana and  Shourya Nidhi

Oh! India (English) , written by Cindy Neilson, directed by Shourya Nidhi, featured Marcelle Weaver, Ravi Chanana  and Arnie Dhamoon. This play was second in Judge’s Choice and also Audience choice in Short+Sweet, Sydney 2014.

Oh India!  revolves around an intense plot where a young Australian woman decides to tour India and hires a rather charismatic tuktruk driver in Delhi to take her to the desired destination. The journey ends up far richer and more relevant than her intended destination.

Dhalti Parchayian (Hindi) written and directed by Sukhpreet Dhamoon featured Raj Dixit, Cheryl Khurana, Aishveryaa Nidhi and Naveen Dixit.

This play was winner of Best Play by Judge’s choice as well as audience choice at Indradhanush- Festival of short plays in 2011

The Kill (English), written by Alex Broun, Directed by Shourya Nidhi, featured Pratick Tanna and Shourya Nidhi.

Quarantine (English) written by Neena Badhwar, directed by Aishveryaa Nidhi featured Peter Adams, Aishveryaa Nidhi and Gurvinder Singh. This play was third in audience choice in Short+Sweet, Sydney .

Neena Badhwar is the editor of The Indian Down Under newspaper first published in 1987.  Having trained under Play Guru Alex Broun Neena has by now written 11 plays in English and in Hindi. Three of her plays have been selected by Short & Sweet Theatre Festival. Next year her play ’36 Traits of Matchmaking’ will be staged also by short & Sweet Theatre Festival.

Quarantine play is based on the problems which the travellers face when they travel overseas and carry things with them which are restricted . Quarantine plays a critical role in reducing the risk from the world’s most severe pests and diseases.

Neena Bhadwar , the writer of the play  says, “I started playwriting quite late in life . I attended the workshop by Alex Broun and that motivated me to write plays and  I have written 11 plays so far”.

“I have been here for last 30 years and in all these years I came across many such cases which inspired me to highlight Quarantine issue, a problem mainly faced by the overseas travellers in the form of a play. Quarantine is basically a play on the ‘quarantine’ issues which the migrants generally face when they come to a new country.  The issues are common for all the communities”.

About the Abhinay School Abhinay School of Performing Arts, Aishveryaa Nidhi,  Artistic Director of Abhinay School of Performing Arts says “Abhinay School is always upfront in promoting multiculturalism. To increase community participation Abhinay has collaborated closely with the Hurstville Council to offer their productions to the widest possible number of community members involving local writers, director and multi-cultural artists to present a truly multicultural theatre event connecting India with Australia through art and culture.

“Through Abhinay’s tireless work many non-Indian Australians have embraced the rich culture of Indian while many Indian Australians have learnt more about other cultures”, said Aishveryaa.

Aishveryaa is very happy with the response which she got for the  Abhinay Shorts.

“I am glad that the show was house full and we received so much appreciation for the plays . It gives you immense satisfaction when your work is appreciated and it definitely boosts the confidence of the artists involved,” added Aishveryaa.

Abhinay's talent at Abhinay Shorts

Abhinay’s talent at Abhinay Shorts

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