Abhinay School wins ‘St. George Community Group of the Year Award’

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Abhinay School of Performing Arts is honoured with the St. George Community Group of the Year Award, 2015.

This is the second consecutive year that Abhinay has been felicitated with the prestigious recognition.

At the fifth annual St George Community Awards to recognise outstanding individuals and organisations in the St George Area, Mark Coure, MP and the event host said, “This year, over 200 nominations were received and 75 awards presented. It is an honour and I am delighted at being able to thank the people who make the St George area such a great place to live and work.”

John Brogden, CEO of Lifeline Australia, was also present at the do and shared pertinent views on the devastating impact of suicide in Australia and congratulated the award recipients on their tremendously inspiring work.

Aishveryaa Nidhi, the mind behind Abhinay School of Performing Arts is a name to reckon with. Formed in 2009 to promote art and culture from the Indian subcontinent, Aishveryaa has been the strength for Abhinay School of Performing Arts that has unearthed and nurtured the talent of many local community members in acting, writing, directing, singing, dancing and then provided them with a platform to perform and showcase their skills. She is responsible for getting the world’s biggest festival of short plays, Short and Sweet International to organise the first ever Short and Sweet Bollywood in Sydney. This is also the first time an art form traveled into a country from another country.

Over the last six years, Abhinay has become widely recognised for enriching the lives of people in Sydney and Aishveryaa feels honoured to have clinched the award the second time as well.

“Abhinay is more than exploring an art form, it is about celebrating a blend of art forms and upholding the diversity across geographical entities. It is an honour to have been recognised for our efforts this year too,” she said.

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