Aam Aadmi Party Victoria held meet, discussed ways to support the party

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Aam Aadmi party Victoria chapter held a meeting on 6th April to discuss ways to support Aam Aadmi Party in India just before general elections there.  The main aim of the meeting was to gather support and raise funds for AAP’s candidates in Punjab and Kerala.

The event saw more than 70 Indian Australians turn out to discuss how they can better serve their motherland. Rakesh Prajapati, AAP’s Vic convenor organised the meeting along with Rajveer Singh, Community Engagement Coordinator for Victoria.

The event was huge success with many AAP supporters pledging their support for AAP’s candidates in India. Rajveer Singh informed people of various ways in which they can contribute towards canvassing for AAP’s candidates in India.

Many people were recruited in Citizen Calling Campaign. AAP-Vic is working closely with AAP-Punjab for fund raising and citizen calling. Many Indian Australians of Kerala origin also joined the meeting and discussed moral and legal ways of raising funds for AAP candidates in Kerala.

Citizen Calling is a unique initiative from AAP-US, where people residing anywhere in the world can access a central database of voters in particular territory or India and make calls to them explaining them the purpose of AAP, requesting them to vote for AAP and also recruiting volunteers for respective local teams. This is an extremely effective campaign as seen during Delhi elections.

AAP seems to have caught the fascination of Indians all over the world and turning them into politically active beings who want to support and raise funds for AAP candidates for their respective states, so that their homeland does not lose this historic opportunity of political cleansing.

The meeting ended with meet & greet and informal discussion on political situation in India.

To know more about Aam Aadmi Party, contact Rakesh Prajapati on 0450 968 633 or write on  aap.aussie@gmail.com

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