‘AAAYL focussed on to provide opportunities to young leaders’

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A new brand of leaders is emerging from the Asian Australian Alliance Young Leaders program (AAAYL).

AAAYL’s core program, Empowerment in Action provides opportunities and mentoring to young leaders by encouraging participation in meaningful and value added initiatives benefitting their social and professional development.

Under its career development arm, young leaders participate in building their skill sets by getting involved in work experience programs, organising events and attending networking functions.

In a joint project, the AAAYL (Sydney Metropolitan branch) worked with the Sydney Professional Development Forum (PDF) and joined their PDF Pathways team in creating a dedicated platform.

Wayne Zheng, one of the young leaders involved with the PDF Pathways team said that despite having experience in organising other events, he definitely felt the challenges of organising a corporate event external to a university setting.

“Working with a group of individuals who scarcely knew each other prior to the first meeting was certainly a challenge, but this experience has also deepened my insight into team work and how a group of disparate individuals can evolve into functioning team,” said Zheng.

Liang Huiyuan, another young leader involved with the PDF Pathways team mentioned that as a new international student graduate, he was confused as how to kick start his career, and being involved boosted his self-confidence and pushed him to meet people in his industry.

In the internship arm of AAAYL’s Empowerment in Action (career development), young leaders are matched up to established business owners and corporate executives in a mentoring role as well as an opportunity to participate in work experience.

AAAYL’s Pu Yang (Clare), who is in her final semester of a Masters in Finance is currently interning at Yellow Brick Road. Despite the challenges, Yang enjoys going to work and says that she has learnt so much from the experience.

“Working with Jay and Yellow Brick Road has helped me detect the strengths and weakness within myself, pointing out a clearer way of improving myself,” Yang said.

As part of its community engagement arm, AAAYL’s Empowerment in Action is concerned with developing the social and charitable skills of its members. AAAYL (Newcastle and Northern Branch) since July has assisted Coast Shelter in Gosford, serving meals to the homeless and those in need for a Chinese inspired Saturday lunch.

This program shows that integration and diversity can work hand in hand to produce measureable outcomes, benefiting social cohesion, personal and professional development of young leaders.

In addition to this, AAAYL is involved in campaigns promoting diversity and harmony. Standing in solidarity, AAAYL recently joined the ‘Racism, Hatred, and Bigotry – #notinmyname’, taking the initiative to participate and make their pledges.

AAAYL founder and convener Erin Chew, believes that developing the leaders of the future is important and believes that mentoring and providing opportunities is the way to go.

“This is just the tip of the ice berg. AAAYL will be expanding in 2015 so expect it to hit towns and cities across the country,” Chew said.

Asian Australian Alliance Young Leaders program

Asian Australian Alliance Young Leaders program

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