Political future of Asian Australian women discussed

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The Asian Australian Alliance Women’s Forum (AAAWF) held an expert panel event with the theme: What is the political future for Asian Australian women on December 6.

The event also served as the Inaugural launch for the Asian Australian women in positions of leadership training, which will be a joint venture with some great organisations. The program is scheduled to start in March 2015.

The event was attended  by nearly hundred women and community leaders who came to hear the AAAWF’s patron, Senator Lisa Singh.

Lisa in her key note speech mentioned how on a Federal level, there is a clear lack of representation and that movements such as the AAAWF have the opportunity to facilitate change.

“I am proud to take on the role of patron for the Asian Australian Alliance Women’s Forum. Our country has been enriched by the contributions of Australian women of Asian heritage.

It is my hope that we can fully embrace our diversity by having it reflected in the representatives of our parliaments”, Senator Lisa Singh said.

Emeritus Mayor Cr Le Lam was the second key note speaker who spoke about the challenges she has faced juggling her Mayoral, council, business and family commitments. Cr Le Lam is the first Asian Australian female mayor in the country, continuing to serve her community for the last twenty four years.

Cr Le Lam, spoke about the need for more Asian Australian women to get involved in local politics and to take that plunge to make a difference to their community.

At the ‘In Conversations panel’, community leaders Daphne Lowe Kelley and Indra Ban OAM spoke about community organising, leadership and the need for more Asian Australian women to organise their communities.

The other panellists include Jenny Leong who is running as the Greens candidate for the NSW state seat of Newtown, as well as Cr Le Lam.

“It is only with a concerted and united effort that we can get more women into positions of leadership”, said Jenny Leong.

The forum ended with a speech by Cr Dai Le from Fairfield City Council, who spoke about her political journey and elaborated on the need for more representation.


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