‘A Day in the world of world Feeder’ highlights plight of Indian farmers

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Farmers are  bound to live a pitiable life in Punjab and  the credit for all this  goes to the administration who is least bothered about their demands and requirements.

Dharnas, agitations, strikes have become a routine for these farmers  and many a farmers have even lost their  lives while  agitating for their demands but nothing has been done so far to benefit this hard-working class.

Last year a farmer  named Bahadur Singh from Bandala village , Amritsar lost his life  while agitating.

The family members of the farmer alleged that he was killed  during the  lathi charge  by police but the police brushed off by saying that he had no injury marks on his body and  he might have died of cardiac arrest. Further adding to the agony, his dead body was handed over to his family after four days.

The family of the framer is running form pillar  to post demanding justice,  but  so far the mystery of  his death has  not been solved.

Alex Singh , a well-known film maker based in Melbourne, Australia, on his trip to India  came to  know  about this incidence that police killed one of the hard working farmers from his village in a strike conducted by Farmer Union.

Alex is known for his  innovative way of showing his resentment towards the heinous crimes through his movies.

While in India , Alex  met the victim’s family to find the root cause of the tragedy and  then decided to highlight the plight through his documentary.

“To showcase the atrocities faced by the farmers at the hands of administration and to highlight the plight of the farmers, I decided to  make a documentary film   ‘A Day in the world of world Feeder’ highlighting the situation of farmers in Amritsar,” tells Alex .

Written and directed by Alex Singh , ‘A Day in the world of world Feeder’ stars “Harp Farmer and Amber Farmer in the lead roles.

The film highlights a very sensitive and controversial issue of farmer’s situation in typical north Indian Village, in the district of Amritsar,.

In this film ,  Harp Farmer portrays the character of the farmer and  has very beautifully showcased  the life of an ordinary, common farmer in north Indian and the hardships faced by  them.

“During the making of the film  I  had a firsthand experience of the  hardships that  a farmer has to  undergo. I met the victim’s family and   listening to them made me aware of various problems which they have faced,” Alex says.

“The documentary brings you the realistic interviews of the victim’s family members and impact of this catastrophe on them. The documentary also  highlights  the current demands of Indian farmers,” says Alex.

“In the last few years many farmers have committed suicide and the trend is on rise, but the government has failed to fulfill their demands.  This film  is an effort to highlight the atrocities which the framers have to face.”

“ Through this movie I want to highlight the plight of the farmers and help  them in getting justice,” he adds.


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