‘A celebration of womanhood at Grand Marion’

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It was the perfect opening for the Grand Marion on March 15, 2014 , as it hosted the  first ever function welcoming Michelle Rowland and nearly 120  sub –continent women  who were there to listen to Michelle’s first hand  experiences about her recent  trip to India.


It was an ideal celebration to mark the end of the Women’s International Day and a day dedicated to all the sub-continent women who are contributing to the society in different ways.

Attired in black Sari, Michelle Rowland, very gracefully carried the traditional Indian dress while sharing her experiences about her recent trip to India at the Grand Marion, Harris Park.

Her trip to India included visit to Chennai, Amritsar, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Mumbai.

Michelle shared her experiences through a slide show of about 50 photographs which were taken during her visit to India.  She explained her experiences about the people and the places in the photographs and aptly connected various instances and meetings with different people while showing the slide show. It was like a movie based on her visit to 6 cities in India.

While travelling in India Rowland took every opportunity to discuss women’s issues particularly in relation to the Indian females in Australia. Unfortunately these are the same reoccurring themes in all the sub-continent communities.

Aisha Amjad who organised the dinner for Michelle and managed to bring together around 120 women said the evening was the start of something special.

“The dinner was not only a chance for Michelle to share her experiences, but also celebrate community empowerment by bringing women together from all  subcontinent backgrounds. As International Women’s Day was marked a week before the event, it was also significant and symbolic of the increasing roles women from our subcontinent communities are playing. The theme of this year’s International Women’s day was inspiring change”.

Michelle Rowland focused her presentation on Indian culture, the economy, politics and the telecommunications industry in India.

“It was a pleasure to address the Sub-Continent Women’s Forum at the inaugural event at the Grand Marion in Harris Park,” Rowland said.

“This was an innovative way to share my experiences with the local Sub-Continent community and I hope all present got something out of it.”

Rowland also discussed her meeting with political leaders in India including members of the BJP and more generally she talked about the issues of mutual importance to India and Australia.

“We are now living in the Asian Century and Australia should be looking at how it can best take advantage of the booming economy of India,” Rowland said.

“We must build on our great people to people links to help set us up for the future and my trip to India was an extremely enlightening experience,” Rowland added

“Just because of Aisha Amjad Khan and Hon Michelle Rowland, women of different cultures were gathered on a platform and we saw the true women power. I found the event very interesting. As I love to meet new people because by meeting new people I get to know different and unique things. The overall event was very lively as Michelle involved us all in her journey to India”, said  Shafaq Jaffery.

“I had a wonderful time, and it’s a night I’ll never forget. I particularly liked women’s participation from each sub continent for their community. It helped everyone to know each other’s radiant side” said Dr. Nighat Nasim, vice-president of the Pakistan Australia Association.

Anjana Regmi a prominent member of the Nepali community said, “The event brought leading dignitaries to one platform providing networking opportunities while getting to know Michelle Rowland’s India trip. The event also offered a discussion point for future possible ventures”.

Maxine Salma, a prominent member of the Indian community said “I could never imagine Michelle Rowland could inspire me this way.  It has changed a lot in me. The company of interesting women who were also interested in Michelle Rowland’s life and each other’s life with current situations was most liberating”.

“I would say it was a life changing experience which has given me a tool to live a more authentic life. Having all women together was a wonderful opportunity to immerse myself in exquisite feminine energy. Thank you dear Michelle Rowland for sharing your experience and teaching us that a woman can do anything in life”.

It was an overall a great networking opportunity and a grand celebration to mark the end of International Women day.

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